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Inspired by the success of its multibrand offerings, which over the years have seen the number of partners increase to include the foremost international management firms, in 2008 Banca Generali created BG Selection Sicav, an instrument that builds on the previous multibrand approach to add features that are innovative within the asset management industry.

BG Selection is not just a Luxembourg SICAV that invests in financial instruments; it is also an innovative fund-of-funds system in which funds are selected specifically for you by our professional staff, combining the managerial expertise of the foremost international investment firms in specific markets with the experience of our managers.

In pursuit of the constant innovation and anticipation of market trends that sets the Banca Generali Group apart, the multibrand concept has been further developed by expanding it to include top third-party partners in the SICAV system.

BG Selection Sicav has been enhanced to feature new monobrand sub-funds, managed directly by renowned, highly specialised third-party partners who seek the best possible results by leveraging their strengths.

The advantages of BG Selection Sicav are attributable to the fact that investors can use a single product to benefit from a high degree of diversification at various levels (instruments, markets, strategies, managers and products) thanks to:

  • access to the foremost international management firms and most innovative investment strategies;
  • a mix of different, complementary investment types and a high degree of geographical diversification between developed and emerging countries; and
  • the professionalism and expertise offered by the General Fund Management team and leading management companies, specialised in qualitative and quantitative fund section and the constant monitoring of products in portfolio.

Investment in BG Selection Sicav is simple, customisable and flexible:

  • thanks to the ability to switch between sub-funds and the inclusion of a money-market fund in BG Selection Sicav, investors can enter and exit markets rapidly without incurring capital gains tax (which is only applied upon disinvestment and exit from the SICAV);
  • it provides the utmost freedom of choice of the amount of investment, according to personal needs and goals;
  • customisation includes the ability to invest gradually through savings plans and to decide the duration, amount and frequency of instalments according to personal needs; and
  • entry and sub-fund switch fees are flexible, depending on the characteristics of the investment.

The product line consists of 37 sub-funds. Nine are actively managed, with fund selection carried out by the Generali Fund Management team:

  • three global equities sub-funds (one of which is inversely correlated with the performance of global equities markets);
  • five equities sub-funds specialised in emerging markets; and
  • one money market sub-fund.

In addition, since 2010 the line has been expanded to include 26 new sub-funds under third-party management.

Discover the wide range of solutions and partners


BG Selection Sicav - Amundi Global Volatility Equalizer

Amundi Global Volatility Equalizer aims to achieve positive returns in absolute terms in different market scenarios through balanced weighting of the various asset classes. In addition, it provides you with access to Amundi's top management expertise.

BG Selection Sicav - Anima Club

Anima Club is a flexible fund-of-funds that provides free access to Anima's investment solutions. The sub-fund employs a mix of strategies in order to seize all of the opportunities presented by the markets. Anima offers a wide range of products and services that includes mutual funds, funds-of-funds, individual management schemes and a pension fund.

BG Selection Sicav – BlackRock Global Multi Asset Fund

BlackRock Global Multi Asset Fund offers access to BlackRock’s top investment expertise and best investment solutions in a single product. BlackRock Global Multi Asset Fund seeks capital growth with a moderate risk level, achieved through diversification, flexibility and risk control.

BG Selection Sicav – BNY Mellon Dynamic Emerging Market Allocation Strategy Fund (DEMAS)

This multi-asset sub-fund of BG Selection Sicav invests in equities, fixed-income securities and alternative strategies focused on emerging markets. The sub-fund applies an absolute return approach, relying on strengths such as experience, a range of perspectives, flexibility and risk management.

BG Selection Sicav – Leonardo Navigator

Leonardo Navigator is a conservative flexible sub-fund that allows investors to participate in the various opportunities presented within the different asset classes on the European market, while privileging stability of performance and avoiding the assumption of excessive risks. Accordingly, it invests primarily in bond funds, but also in equities and flexible funds.

BG Selection Sicav – Edmond de Rothschild Select Alpha

This is a flexible sub-fund that invests in bond, equities, liquidity and alternative funds, aiming to achieve competitive returns while constantly monitoring the risk level of its investments. The strategic asset allocation seeks to achieve the best medium-/long-term portfolio through a proper mix of funds.

BG Selection Sicav – Eurizon Concerto

Eurizon Concerto is a flexible sub-fund aimed at those who seek capital growth in the medium/long term. It exploits the opportunities offered by the financial markets and networked economy with the aim of achieving an annual average return over a holding period of five years equal to at least the change in the MTS "ex Banca d'Italia" gross BOT index plus 3%.

BG Selection Sicav – HSBC Emerging Markets Solution

HSBC Emerging Markets Solution is a single product that provides investors access to the range of investment opportunities offered by emerging markets, seeking to benefit from their strong growth potential in the medium/long term.

BG Selection Sicav – Invesco Asia Global Opportunities

Invesco Asia Global Opportunities invests primarily in Asian equities markets (excluding Japan) with the aim of forming a single portfolio including sub-funds specialised in individual countries and regional industrial segments, as well as of best seizing the opportunities presented by the most promising development trends.

BG Selection Sicav – JPM Best Ideas

This is a flexible sub-fund that integrates the best ideas with the management expertise of J.P. Morgan Asset Management. The goal is to achieve returns in line with equities markets, while also reducing investment volatility by one-third due to dynamic management of a set of valid investment ideas.

BG Selection Sicav – Kairos Blend

This fund was created to offer investors an instrument able to adapt to various market scenarios with the aim of yielding positive returns in absolute terms in the medium term. The management expertise of the Kairos team allows the sub-fund to achieve balanced positioning depending on the market scenario of reference.

BG Selection Sicav – Lemanik Glocal Investor

This is a sub-fund that has been customised for Italian investors. Thanks to a core-satellite approach, it focuses primarily on the Italian and European markets, while also looking towards global and emerging markets. The management style is based on an approach that integrates the search for performance with capital protection.

BG Selection Sicav – Lyxor Alpha Risk Parity

This single product allows investors to access various alternative investment strategies through the Lyxor platform’s top managers. Risk is constantly monitored and a focus on the transparency, liquidity and segregation of assets is fundamental to the selection process.

BG Selection Sicav – Morgan Stanley Active Allocation

This is a flexible, dynamic sub-fund that pursues long-term capital growth by investing in equities, bonds, money-market and alternative instruments. Its strategy aims to achieve positive returns both through the portfolio’s asset allocation and the over-performance generated by the products used in each investment class.

BG Selection Sicav – Global Risk Managed

Global Risk Managed seeks long-term capital growth through a conservative approach based on the use of a specific dynamic asset allocation and risk management technique. The portfolio’s mix of equities and bonds is modified according to the volatility of risk in response to expected volatility.

BG Selection Sicav – Pictet World Opportunities

This is an equity sub-fund that provides access to all Pictet funds in a single investment solution. Pictet’s thematic approach aims to identify companies in a position to benefit from changes in long-term trends characterised by the greatest growth prospects.

BG Selection Sicav – Schroder Multi-Asset

This is a flexible sub-fund that provides access to Schroders’ investment solutions, combined actively and dynamically by the group’s Multi-Asset team. The management team seeks to compose a highly diversified portfolio that accompanies more traditional instruments with less conventional investments.

BG Selection Sicav – Swiss & Global Flexible Strategy

Swiss & Global Flexible Strategy is characterised by flexible, active and diversified management that aims to outperform its benchmark in risk-weighted terms. The sub-fund’s holding period is medium term.

BG Selection Sicav – Threadneedle Global Themes

This is a flexible fund-of-funds that seeks long-term capital growth through dynamic, active management of asset allocation with a particular focus on emerging, high-yield markets. Investments are guided by the Threadneedle selection process, based on macro-economic assessments, the relative value of each asset class and rigorous risk management.

BG Selection Sicav – ARC and ARC 10

These are two sub-funds managed by Generali Fund Management according to an independent process that seeks the best active equities managers and bond issuers. The sub-funds are characterised by a total return approach, with the aim of achieving a positive return regardless of equities and bond market performance.

BG Selection Sicav – Vontobel Global Elite

Vontobel Global Elite combines the search for value and quality typical of the contemporary value style with the long-term success potential of Global Change Investing. This actively managed international equities sub-fund uses innovative management techniques and commodities investments, applying a value-oriented management approach.


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